Our Products


Dual Flex Engine mounts

By eliminating metal-to-metal contact, “Dual-Flex” Marine and Industrial Engine Mounts remove the danger of any excessive impact. ┬áThe “Dual-Flex” mount design provides a synthetic rubber insulated engine mount for use on Gas and Diesel Marine Engines and in Industrial applications

Rubber-Flex Bushings

Prepared in our ISO Certified Rochester Hills facility our Rubber Insulated Bushings are made with the finest natural rubber or synthetic elastomers to provide flexible solutions to the noise, vibration, shock, and misalignment problems inherent in most mechanical designs.

"Silent-Lign" Pillow Blocks

The Bushings Inc. “Silent-Lign” Pillow Block combines the best features of a constantly lubricated sleeve bearing, and an oil-resistant Neoprene flexing medium, within a sturdy Zinc-Dichromate plated, stamped and welded steel mounting bracket.

Silent-lign Flexible Bearings

The Bushings Inc. “Silent-Lign” Flexible Bearing is a field-proven sleeve bearing assembly designed to offer low initial cost with a minimum number of parts.

Vibro Leveler Machine Mounts

The Bushings Inc. Vibro-Leveler is a dual purpose, rubber-in-shear machine mount that suppresses the transmission of vibration and noise, and allows precision leveling of your machines.