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Contact us at 248-650-0603

On-Highway Market

Bushings Inc. provides OE and Aftermarket solutions within the On-Highway markets (GVW 1 thru GVW 8), truck, bus, and specialty vehicles. Just a few examples of our applications in the On-Highway market are listed and show below.

Suspension Bushings / Torque Rod Arms
Class 8 Trucks / Heavy Haulers
Shuttle Busses
Motor Homes

Bushings and Rubber to Metal Overmolds
Utility Trucks
Bucket Trucks
School Bus
Motor Homes
Medium Duty Trucks
Shuttle Bus

Sport Utility Vehicles
Trackbar Bushings
Control Arm Bushings

Performance Accessories
Light Vehicles
Stick Shift Bushings


Other Market Segments and Applications

Rubber-Flex Bushings and Dual-Flex Engine Mounts are at work every day, solving noise, vibration, shock, and alignment problems for the leading Original Equipment and Aftermarket suppliers in the following Market Segments and Applications.

Forestry Products
Gas & Diesel Engines
Mining Equipment

Power Units
Ag Equipment
Stump Grinders

Tub Grinders
Machine Mounting
Mobile Refrigeration
Medical Imaging

Recycling Equipment
Food Processing
Control Arms
Track Bars

Industrial Market

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Marine Market

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Need Additional Assistance?

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