Contact us at 248-650-0603
Contact us at 248-650-0603

ISO Certified Manufacturer of Rubberflex Bushings and Dual-Flex Mounts

Our quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, compliant since 2002

We maintain a fully equipped Quality Control Lab – staffed with trained and qualified, technicians. We are proud of the fact that our attention to quality has enabled us to attain “Dock-to-Stock” status with many of our Original Equipment Manufacturer jobs.

Manufactured to Exacting Quality Standards

Mill Run tube is inspected for Outside Diameter size, and Wall Thickness.

exterior diameter inspection
standards compliance wall thickness

Powdered Metal inserts being plug gauged for Inside Diameter size, Micrometer measures Outside
Diameter, and Caliper used to measure Overall Length.

measuring inside diameter
measuring Outside Diameter

Many of our Rubber Insulated Bushings are Centerless ground to tight Outside Diameter tolerances for subsequent press fit. On the left our Quality Technician measures final grind specification to print tolerance with the Shadow Gauge. At the heart of our Rubber Insulated Bushings lies our rubber. Manufactured to exacting quality standards. On the right we are testing hardness with our digital Shore A Durometer gauge.

final grind specification-to-print-tolerance
durometer gauge