Contact us at 248-650-0603
Contact us at 248-650-0603

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do low volume sales?

Yes we do. If you have a single piece or small batch requirement, you and your order will receive prompt, professional, and personalized service.

Can you customize products for us?

Yes we can. We offer free product design assistance with no obligation quotes.

Do you provide trouble shooting?

Yes we do.

Bushings Inc. is happy to assist potential customers in troubleshooting performance problems.  Typically with the customers answers to a few simple questions we can help diagnose the root cause of the bushing problem in the application, and come up with a solution.  A sample part is sometimes requested to assist in the analysis.  

Some of the most common problems experienced are:

  • High heat (this can be either ambient temperature, or the heat generated by the mechanical work being done in the application)
  • Overloading (part size is insufficient for the load being carried)
  • Ambient conditions (such as the presence of oil, solvent or lube in the application)
  • Improper method of manufacture – (part not manufactured using the optimum method of manufacture for the duty cycle which the part sees in the application)

Should I use a Silent-Bloc Design or Center Joint Bonded Design for my Bushing?

When properly designed both silent-bloc, and center joint bonded bushings accommodate oscillating movement without lubrication in dusty and dirty environments, they relieve mis-alignment, reduce noise, and absorb linear and torsional vibration.

Which design you choose is dependent on your budget and technical needs.

Silent-Block Design

Silent-Bloc Bushings generally consist of three distinct pieces. An outer steel sleeve and an inner steel sleeve, which sandwiches a piece of molded rubber (a “shot” bushing). Or a long rubber tube assembled over a steel inner tube, which is funneled into an outside steel tube and cut to length (a “Torflex” bushing).

The Silent-Bloc or Torflex Bushings described above rely on a mechanical bond-compression-and friction between the rubber and metal sleeves for adhesion. The main benefit of the Silent-Block Design is as follows:

  • Good low cost (no rubber mold tooling expense) when fabricated from existing rubber mold tooling

Center Joint Bonded Design

Center Joint Bonded Bushings have the rubber vulcanized to the insert. This chemically bonded over mold, is then assembled into the outer sleeve. Initial tooling costs can be slightly higher for the rubber mold, but with volume applications, this cost is typically minimized. Benefits from Center Joint Bonded Design include:

  • Additional radial load capacity
  • Tighter tolerances can be maintained
  • Greater fatigue life

Are you ISO Certified?

Yes, we are ISO Certified Manufacturer of “Rubberflex” – Metal Clad Rubber Insulated Bushings, and “Dual-Flex” – Marine / Industrial Engine Mounts.

Our quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been since 2002. We maintain a fully equipped Quality Control Lab – staffed with trained and qualified, technicians. We are proud of the fact that our attention to quality has enabled us to attain “Dock-to-Stock” status with many of our Original Equipment Manufacturer jobs.

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Need Additional Assistance?

For additional application assistance, contact us at the factory by phone 248-650-0603, fax 248-650-0606 or by e-mail.