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Contact us at 248-650-0603

Expedited Service From Quote Thru Production

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If you are designing a new product, looking towards system integration to reduce the number of parts, attempting to solve a specific application problem, or simply trying to reduce noise and vibration in an existing mechanism, you can be assured your product idea, or proprietary concept, will be treated confidentially, and your inquiry will receive top priority.

Custom Engineered or Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Our “Silent-Lign” Bearings and Pillow-Blocks, “Vibro-Leveler” machine mounts, and “Dual-Flex” Engine Mounts are off-the-shelf solutions to common noise and vibration mechanical problems. We also work directly with customer prints on quoting specific job/application vibration solutions.

High Volume or Small Batch Jobs

Whether you are a customer with a high volume order who has relied on Bushings Incorporated for the past 70+ years, or a first time order customer with a single piece or small batch requirement, you and your order will receive prompt, professional, and personalized service.

Troubleshooting – Finding Solutions

Bushings Inc. is happy to assist potential customers in troubleshooting performance problems.  Typically with the customers answers to a few simple questions we can help diagnose the root cause of the bushing problem in the application, and come up with a solution. 

Going Above and Beyond

Client Testimonial

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Bushings Incorporated team that recently helped us get our automated assembly line up and running. For years our line required our rubber insulated overmolds be manually inserted due to several failed attempts to get an automated press to properly insert the bushings. The Bushings Incorporated team was able to help by working with our manufacturing engineers to develop fixtures, and procedures that were able to get the automated press up and running.

With the new press up and running, the consistency has been great, and the operator is very happy with the new process. The operator says that the new press and fixturing is doing a good job at installing the bushings straight and consistent. He has experienced no “mushrooming” or tearing of the bushings with the automated press (this was the reason for manually inserting them for so many years). The operator also says that the job is much easier on him, and the production level is up due to the new process.

The help that was received to improve our process was above and beyond. That kind of support is needed and appreciated, and while most vendors lack in their support, it is my feeling that Bushings Incorporated and their team have gone one step above.
Thanks again for the support!”

Steven A., Engineering Product Manager
Motion Control Division

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