Pillow Blocks & Sleeve Bearings






Insulated with Neoprene, these flexible sleeve bearings and pillow blocks accommodate shaft misalignment to provide extremely quiet operation.

Silent-Lign Bearings and Pillow Blocks:bearings and pillow blocks

  • Accommodate Maximum Misalignment
  • Require No Line Reaming 
  • Reduce Noise and Vibration
  • Self-Lubricate Constantly with Porous Bronze Sleeve
  • Serve a variety of Light and Medium Load Applications

Quiets New and Used Equipment

The Silent-Lign range solves your complex engineering problems both in new product design and replacement on noisy, new and used equipment.  Field proven, these assemblies offer low initial cost, low maintenance cost, and a minimum of parts. 

Silent-Lign bearings are oil impregnated.  The porous bronze sleeve acts as a metallic sponge.  It constantly obtains sufficient lubrication through absorption with the application of a few drops of oil as necessary.

 The neoprene wall is an oil-resistant flexing medium.  It can take up a high angle of torsional movement.  As the amount of misalignment increases, the thickness of the neoprene  is increased and its length is reduced.  This permits the entire I.D. of the bearing to be utilized, with no shaft gall at the edges.  Similarly, the neoprene wall silences vibrations and eliminates the transmission of noise.

The outer shell of both the bearings and pillow blocks is plated steel.  The pillow block features a rustproof, stamped steel, welded mounting bracket that is sturdy and zinc dichromate plated.

You can install Silent-Lign bearings very easily.  No close-in is required during press fitting.  Nor do they require any line reaming.

In addition to a broad array of shelf-standard sizes, hundreds of other sizes are available.  For more than 40 years, Silent-lign bearings have been applied to all fields utilizing numerous types of bearing materials.  They can be adapted to fit your special needs.

Refer to the Bearing and Pillow Block dimensional information shown on the following pages for the shelf standard sizes.


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